Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kait, Tim, and Lucas // Pennsylvania Family Photos

On my last day in Pittsburgh, I was running late.  I was rushing around my friend Diane's house, and my head was a million places.  Then, we hit a bit of traffic on the way to the shoot, and I just had to cross my fingers and hope that this family I had never met before would be laid back and go with the flow of their scatterbrained photographer.  Then, we pulled into the parking lot of a beautiful and serene park outside of Pittsburgh, and I was met with a happy, almost-bald little boy and the friendly smiles of a sweet mama and daddy.  My nervousness quickly flitted away on the breeze, and I began to get to know Kait, Tim, and Lucas.

This family is so very loving.  Kait and Tim just love being parents.  Lucas is such a happy and smiley boy.  They welcomed me right into their world with open arms and were so trusting and kind to me.  They were up for whatever I suggested, and they gave suggestions too.  Most of the time, we just strolled around the park and stopped at random locations for a few photos.  It was my favorite kind of shoot.

This family had such a rhythm to them.  They knew each other so well!  I know it seems silly to read, but as an observer and illustrator of their lives, I noticed little glances and mannerisms that spoke volumes of the love and closeness in this family.  The way that Lucas snuggled against his daddy.  The way that Tim put his arm around Kait.  The way that Kait smiled so big to make Lucas laugh.  The way they interacted with each other.  The familiarity and sweetness was beautiful to see.  And it was so good to see Lucas watch his parents love each other.

And I love watching how Tim and Kait love being parents.  Watching them play was my favorite.

This gazebo was pretty cool.

It is no secret that I love photographing mommies and their babies.  And this mommy and baby duo was pretty special.  

And the two boys were pretty great together.

Kait and Tim especially wanted some photos of their little man, who will be one next month.  He was so expressive and hilarious.  

And I especially wanted some photos of Kait and Tim together.  Even in my short time with them, I could really see a Christlike love in their marriage.  They adore each other, and respect each other.  And they are very very cute together. :-)

I am so grateful to have met you, Tim, Kait, and Lucas.  You are a beautiful family who made me feel like a friend within a short hour photoshoot.  I know God has great things in store for your family!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Evie // Pennsylvania Newborn Photography

I have a very sweet friend named Jocelyn. She and I met in our college group at church when I was living at the Indiana University of PA, and we stayed good friends through all my college years. I loved her quirky style, sense of humor, crazy stories, and Christlike encouragement. Even though I graduated, moved four hours away, got married, and had two kids since those days, I still consider Jocelyn a very dear friend of mine, and relish the visits we get to have with each other (about twice a year, when I get to visit my college town). This time, however, our visit was extra special. Because Miss Jocelyn has a special new person in her life, her heart, and her home.

Meet Baby Evie.

Evangeline Vega. Isn't that name lovely? It is romantic and poignant and full of joy. Evangeline is the new source of joy in her mommy and daddy's lives. They are so taken with her. And rightfully so!

When I went to visit with Evie and her parents, I did not plan on taking lots of photos. I even left my camera in the car! I was carrying muffins and coffee and ready to hear a birth story from a new warrior mama. Photos were something I could do if the opportunity arose, but were no big deal.And then I met that face. OH my goodness. I had to hold her and kiss her and love on her. And I HAD to take her pictures.

Let's pause a second. Here is a crazy coincidence. Evie's Aunt, Lydia Jane, is one of my favorite photographers ever. She basically inspired my love of photography after I attended a wedding she photographed five years ago, and since became addicted to photography blogs. And back then, at that wedding, Jocelyn and her husband (who is Lydia's brother) did not even KNOW each other, though they were both there. And now, I got to photograph their baby. And while it was maybe a tiny bit intimidating in my own silly head to be photographing a family member of one of my photography inspirations, I am so so grateful!

So here is the other crazy thing; this VERY mini photoshoot was actually very rushed and random, because the little Hartnett family was getting ready for their first road trip! So I declared a lifestyle session during bathtime. Because little four week old babies in the bath are oh so cute.

Mama and daddy's voice could calm her so well!

Her little expressions and sounds were so endearing!

And then after bathtime, I volunteered to “babysit” while Joce and Mike were getting packed and ready And by babysit I mean “let me pose your sleeping child like a rag doll in the center of an ottoman and take photos of her in every angle.” I mean, isn't that what everyone means when they babysit?

I mean, could you resist this face?

I am sad I did not get to grab photos of Evie and her wonderful daddy, but I LOVED watching my sweet sweet friend love on her baby girl.

Oh Jocelyn. You are going to be an AMAZING mother. You already are! You are going to be such an example of Christ's love to your daughter. You are going to teach her grace and mercy. She is going to be beautiful, just like you. And I am sure she will be a little quirky and goofy and funny. And maybe she will like to learn about rocks. Because Jocelyn likes to learn about rocks. And I know you have the best partner in Mike. What a wonderful and loving father!!

Welcome to our lives, Baby Evie. I love you so much!  And well done, mommy and daddy Hartnett!  You are wonderful parents!