Hi! I'm Diana. Nice to meet you!

My love of photography started the way it does for many: with my own children.  When my daughter was just over one, my sweet husband bought me one of those "fancy cameras" so I could keep up with her fast moving, fun loving, crazy and wonderful self.  I loved how I could capture her grubby fingers, endearing smile, and deep brown eyes as I tried to illustrate the day to day of our small and valuable life.  As we welcomed my son into the world a year later, my love for that camera grew and grew, as I preserved baby cheeks, sleepy smiles, and eyes bluer than the sky.  I kept it in the family still, until a dear friend asked me to take her family photos, and though I was both flattered and terrified, I gave it a try.

I know it is cliche to say that the rest was history, but that really was the turning point for me.  My camera became my paintbrush as I tried to illustrate the lives of others so they could keep sweet memories before their eyes after the moments had gone.  I have been so blessed to have born witness to sweethearts in love, cousins playing together, newborn babies dreaming, and many many children laughing.  It is my delight to take pictures of God's children, and I am so grateful for the opportunities to do so.


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