Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fosselman Family // Pennsylvania Family Portraits

Two parents.  Four children.  Two sets of twins.  One family.  These were the wonderful people whom I had the joy to photograph this month. 

I love when my connection to clients is delightfully obscure and fun.  Anna is good friends with my former roommate from college.  I met her when coming back to our school to see a show that she and my roommate were in.  Later, I found out that Anna and her family were next door neighbors to dear friends from our church, and lived only a half hour from me.  Now, Anna and her lovely siblings all live in different areas, have different jobs, or go to different colleges, but they planned a fun photography session as a surprise Mother's Day present.  In fact, I had to sneak upstairs to Anna's room before the session to keep Mom in the dark.  

Anna, Teddy, Claire, and Jack were so much fun to interact with.  They clearly love each other so much, though I could just see childhood mischief and antics written all over their faces as they poked fun at each other.  

No matter what combination or pose we came up with, each and every family member was so much fun and made my job a breeze.  

If I ever wanted a real reaction out of anyone, I just needed to ask "Ok, so which of you caused the most trouble as a teenager/kid?"  Worked like a charm every time.  

I loved watching these two interact with each other.  Eric was more into this photoshoot than any father I have ever photographed, and he loved posing with his bride Patti.  

These three called each other "the Original Three Musketeers."  :-)

After we finished with the photos at the Fosselman home, we made our way to historic Landenberg.  I love finding interesting locations that are in the middle of no where!  And this spot was even more special because it was the site their family photo session over a decade before!

Look how stunning these two are!  

This one could be a model.  Yup. 

Anna is an extremely talented singer and lives in New York.  I cannot wait to see her perform!

The guys are too cool for photos ;-).  But Jack did his best to tone it down for us.

Apparently, Teddy came up with the idea for a surprise photoshoot.  Good job, big brother.  Good job!


This photo.  I just have no words.  They are such good sports!

Thank you for bringing me into your lovely home, feeding me (always a win with me), and letting me share a piece of your lives!  I am so blessed to know you.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A beginning

This blog has been a slow process.  I had the idea to have a photography blog almost as soon as I began to take pictures as a job.  I secured the Blogger site last year.  I began the branding and design process with my wonderful friend and mentor Ellie months ago.  And now, here I am, starting my photography blog.


I love to tell stories, and always have.  Sometimes I like to make up stories, and sometimes I like to tell stories that are true.  But until I discovered photography, I never had a way to illustrate these stories (you don't want to see me attempt to draw anything, trust me).  This blog will be a place to illustrate the lives of the many dear families, couples, and individuals I have been blessed to photograph.  Some of my more personal stories and photographs are on my personal blog, Diana Droppings (I promise the name has a good story behind it).  Please make yourself at home in both of these places.

One of the first "assignments" I had when working on the concepts behind this blog and my business was to select three words that best describe what I want to convey with my photos.  Those words are:

Genuine.  Sincere emotion.  Real life.  Authentic stories.  I want you to feel like you know the subjects behind the photos.

Joyful.  To me, joy is deeper than happiness.  It is a great delight caused by something that is exceptionally good or satisfying.  Joy comes from the Creator, not the circumstance.  Even when life is hard, there is joy.

Beloved.  This is one of the sweetest words I know, used to describe those that are most cherished.  As it says in the Bible, Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.  ~1 John 4:7  I want my photographs to show the love that we have for each other, and that God has for us.

And that precisely is why I do what I do.  I hope you find joy here in my space.