Friday, January 17, 2014

For this child we prayed // Pennsylvania Maternity Photography

Wow.  It has literally been months since I have blogged.  Between the holidays and being halfway through a twin pregnancy, things have been a bit crazy around these parts.  But I am still doing sessions here and there, and hope to back blog some of them one of these days.

In spite of all this, I had to blog this one shoot.  It was just too special and beautiful and perfect to not share.  I mean, just look at my subject!  And I am blessed enough to know her as my cousin, Jennifer.

Sometimes God's blessings come as surprises and sweep over us.  And sometimes they come after a time of desire and prayers.  This sweet little boy in Jennifer's belly is one of those blessing that was prayed for, wished for, and desired greatly.  

Jennifer and her husband David were two people who just obviously seemed meant to be parents.  Fun, adorable, kind-hearted, giving, compassionate, and lovers of Jesus, they just seemed like a perfect fit to me.  I prayed that in God's perfect timing they would become the amazing parents they were meant to be, the day that I heard the phone call announcing a little blessing was on the way, I let out a scream of joy and tears caught in my throat.  Thank you, Lord.  For this child we prayed.

The first time I saw Jennifer after that (she lives in Georgia, so we don't see enough of each other), she was 20 weeks pregnant and had just found out that her sweet one was a baby boy.  David James was a name on all of our lips as we excitedly discussed his arrival in the Spring.  I can honestly say, without hesitation, that Jen was (and still is) the very picture of that pregnant "glow."  I have never seen anyone look so radiantly pregnant, and I am convinced that it is because she and David are just so very aware of the gift from God that their son is.  She exudes joy and gratitude.  She prayed for this baby with her whole heart, and she is enjoying carrying him with her whole being.  It is incredible to watch.  So many women (myself included) can get very tired and grumbling through pregnancy.  Sometimes we take for granted the incredible miracle that it is.  Jennifer wears her prized bump with joy and thanksgiving.  It is obvious when you look at her.

Last weekend, Jen was up north again for her baby shower.  We were so overjoyed to celebrate David James' coming.  The next day, Jen and her mom (who is going to be an amazing super-grandma) joined my firstborn and I in an overgrown field to take some maternity photos.  I so wanted it to be special.  And God knew.  He smiled at us through the fields, and the sun was glorious.

I am so grateful to capture a small piece of this joyous time.  David and Jen are surely going to be the most incredible parents to David James.  They are hand-picked by God for each other, and he will be welcomed with so much love.  It is my prayer that as he grows, David James knows how fervent in prayer his parents were as they waited for him.  I am sure from the moment he is born, he will feel how loved and blessed he is.  For this child we prayed.


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